Monetization Platform Benefits | What Publishers Should Know

Creating content and maintaining a stable reader base is a hard job on its own. So, it's no surprise that some publishers struggle to keep up with advertising technology trends and necessary updates.

We have concluded the primary benefits publishers will get when working with a monetization partner.

Let's start!

Ad Revenue Optimization

When it comes to selling ad space, the aim always should be to sell at the highest possible price, right? Header bidding is the way to do this. It offers your ad inventory to more demand, thus increasing your ad revenues.

There are two ways publishers can get access to header-bidding technology:

1. Build it in-house.
2. Partner up with a monetization company, like Setupad.

Getting access to the biggest players in the industry might not even be the hardest part of implementing header bidding in-house. Publishers need to understand all the layers that the header bidding solution consists of.

Are you prepared to create tags, set floor prices and implement blocklists? And repeatedly do this again in 15 different interfaces? Keep in mind that even the smallest optimization tasks can take up to three months to implement.

But you know what takes only a minute? – Signing up with a monetization platform.

Technical Expertise

Lack of technical expertise may ruin all the effort invested in your yield management.

Each year there are new regulations introduced by big industry players like Google. So publishers are constantly challenged to adapt. Failure to do so might result in being blocked and completely lose ad revenues.

Overall Support

Besides getting access to advanced technology, monetization companies will help you to choose the right ad placements, avoid malvertising attacks, and will maintain positive user experience.

Ad Placements

There are three key questions publisher should think about:

1. Where is my traffic coming from?
Check your Google Analytics and understand your visitors’ locations. Then adjust ad formats to specific countries. This is important because, in some countries, ads can perform better in different sizes.

For example, in Scandinavia, the best performing billboard banner positions are 980x250 and 980x200. Whereas in most of Europe the most popular billboard is 970x250.

2. What are the session duration and pageview statistics?
Websites with rich content or service-based will have different strategies for ads. For example, sticky ad placements will work better for websites with scrollable content.

3. Where is my content consumed?
To reach the full ad revenue potential understand which device your readers mostly use. Mobile placements can increase publishers' overall ad revenue. But it is important to find the balance between ads and content to avoid negative user experience.

Besides choosing and testing the best performing ad placements, there are other different products out there, like Ad Refresh. For instance, Setupad offers this product as a package deal when partnering up.

Anti Malvertising

It is estimated that the ad industry, in general, is losing over 1 billion US dollars per year due to malvertising.

Setupad ensures an extra security level for publishers when it comes to low-quality ads, auto redirects, and pop-ups. Real-time blocking helps us to gain trust with our publishers.

With a monetization partner, publishers no longer have to worry about their brand reputation and losing existing visitors due to bad quality ads.

Time and Cost-Efficiency

Monetization platforms can handle time-consuming tasks and allow publishers to get back to their true calling–quality content creation. Of course, publishers can build the technology and get partners, but it can take years to reach substantial results. This means missing out on ad revenue. That's why you should think about outsourcing ad monetization platforms with a proven track record and acknowledged expertise.

To sum up, cost-wise, it is far more essential to pay a monthly fee to your partner than to cover the costs of managing an adops team. Additionally, you will save your precious time and not worry about the complex implementation of header bidding and start earning immediately.