Signia.Group acquires Setupad

Setupad is pleased to announce our recent decision to become part of Signia.Group.

Signia Group helps digital publishers deliver better content, advertising and e-commerce experiences for their consumers across all screens (desktop, mobile, tablet), all in real-time. Our customers—everything from multinational media conglomerates to specialist niche publishers—rely on our fast, flexible and modular technology for seamless workflow management, business intelligence, reporting, ad delivery and monetization solutions.

With this deal Signia.Group takes its first steps into Eastern and Central European markets.

"Setupad has interesting programmatic offerings that we will bring to our Nordic and Pacific markets,” says Bo Lagerquist, Group Controller at Signia Group. “Setupad has access to the newest Signia products so we truly believe it is a win-win merger.”

Setupad helps publishers deliver high-quality, targeted ads to foreign users through real-time bidding. This helps publishers to earn more from RTB without compromising their current revenue streams. Publishers mainly focus their advertising sales on local users: Setupad helps to succeed with advertising for the rest.

This deal enables Setupad to provide publishers with server-to-server integrations to 3rd party programmatic partners. By reducing latency of website loading and increasing yield of ad sales, we will drive up our clients’ revenue.

We clearly see the benefits of our customers to have access of Signia’s full stack solution,” says Toms Panders, CEO of Setupad. “Setupad is getting more international presence with Signia as local representative in many new markets. Setupad will be able to reach out more publishers, partners and grow company business faster. We are becoming part of Signia’s full stack solution, where Setupad’s part is to improve yield management of programmatic sales.

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